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How to Reset (if they stop responding)
Power Cycle - ETC 4-Port Gateway or Reboot via ETC Net3 Concert Software

NOTE: set the house lights where you want them to be. After you power cycle the gateway, if all else is well, it will set the house lights to whatever is set.

  • Go to ETC Panel (black cabinet) on same wall as fire alarm system…unplug POE Ethernet cable for 10 seconds.

  • Plug POE Ethernet cable back into port…the unit should power back up.

In very rare cases, you may need to power cycle the fixtures.

  • In the backstage electrical room, switch OFF breakers 1,3,5,7 of the right electrical breaker box (leave off until late step).

  • Go to ETC Panel on opposite wall…unplug POE Ethernet cable for 10 seconds.

  • Plug POE Ethernet cable back into port…the unit should power back up.

  • Go back to electrical panel…switch ON breakers 1,3,5,7.


Red LED LIGHT = Wall Panel Disabled
This red LED indicates that the wall panel is disabled. If the Lights iMac is running, and the DMX 1 cable is plugged in, the red light on the wall panel (lower right corner) will be ON. This is intentional to prevent accidental changes to the lights during a weekend service or event. Quickest way to enable the wall panel is to disconnect the DMX 1 cable behind the Lights iMac. Eventually we will add an A/B switch to control which system (iMac or wall panel) is controlling the lights.

Yellow LED LIGHT Flashing = Transition is happening
If the yellow LED light flashing, this indicates that a transition between 2 presets is occurring. Currently all have been setup for a 10 second transition. If you want to transition between preset 2 and preset 3, select preset 3 (the LED will illuminate). As quickly as possible, select preset 2 (the LED will turn off). This provides the best transition between two independent presets.



The design here is to have a backup if the Lights iMac malfunctions. Using presets 1-4, we can run a full service as a backup.

Preset 1 - Teaching

  • The Light tech will select this preset prior to taking control of the lights.

  • The panel is setup to revert to the last selected preset when it regains control.

  • If the Lights iMac malfunctions during teaching, we want this preset to be the one it defaults to when we switch control to the wall panel.

Preset 2 - Worship

  • Sets the stage lights to a generic worship and the house lights to 40%. Also select Preset 6-8 to add more house lights if desired.

Preset 3 - Video

  • Sets the stage and house lights optimal for viewing a video. Also select Preset 6-8 to add more house lights if desired.

Preset 4 - Post-Service (Ministry Time)

  • Sets the stage and house lights optimal for post-service ministry time.

Preset 5 - Special Event

  • Sets the stage and house lights for a special event. Use the facilities request form (click here) to request lighting changes if desired for your special event.


Presets 6-9 provide house lights only control. Multiple presets can be selected…so you can select preset 2 (Worship…which is 40% for house lights) and Pre-set 1 (100% All House Lights) and you’ll get the combination of them both.

Preset 6 - 100% All House Lights

  • Sets all house can lights (28 total) to 100% intensity.

Preset 7 - 80% All House Lights

Preset 8 - 60% All House Lights

Preset 9 - 40% All House Lights

Preset OFF - Turns all Presets = OFF

  • This must be selected for the other On/Off wall panel to be functional.

ETC Net3 Concert Software

This software configures the ETC 4-Port Gateway and displays connection status if RDM is enabled.
This software was necessary to troubleshoot network issues from the gateway to the house lights.
The network is an RS-485 daisy chained