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Band | Audio Tech




Smooth transitions during the service are KEY to creating a distraction-less environment.  Please pay close attention to what is coming up next in the service and be ready to cue sound for what’s next- video, music or speaker’s microphone.  There should be no “dead time” in the service.

The service generally has 9 transitions.
Note: A service script can be printed from planning center to reference

  • Pre-Service playlist.  Channel 29 & 30 on board labeled “iPod”

    • Music should feel full just before worship team comes to platform.

    • Slowly fade music down as the worship leader invites congregation to worship.

    • Worship starts.  All sub-groups should be un-muted, ready for worship.

  • Worship

    • Mix band.

    • Note instrument solos, who is leading the song, tracks being used, extra elements

    • At the end of worship MUTE band sub-groups

    • NEXT TRANSITION- Pastor/host comes up for prayer at the end of worship.

  • Prayer

    • Be sure pastor/host’s mic is un-muted BEFORE he takes the platform.  This ensures the awkward “is the mic on?…” from happening.

      • Be ready to push volume level to hear over the band.

      • Channel 21 or 22 depending on what mic is being used.

        • Know what mic is being used before service.

    • NOTE-  Every 1st Sunday there is communion.  This means pastor/host will be on the platform

    • NEXT TRANSITION-  Fade up Greeting Music.

  • Greeting

    • Have music already playing with volume/slide all the way down.

    • Fade up music @ greeting cue. Channel 29 & 30 on board labeled “iPod”

      • Cue- “Turn to someone and greet…”

      • Quickly fade up music to a “pumping/alive” sound. (Not elevator volume)

    • NEXT TRANSITION- Fade down Greeting Music for 1st time guest/offering

  • 1st time guests / Prayer

    • Allow communicator/host to set up podium and fade music down when they are ready to start talking.

    • Don’t fade down music until you know their ready.

    • NEXT TRANSITION - Video announcements

  • Video Announcements

    • Pastor/host will pray over offering when he says “Amen” video plays

    • Channel 29 & 30 on board labeled “iPod” should be UN-MUTED and adjusted for volume.  

    • Announcement volume should fill the room.  Louder then your living room but not “ears-bleeding”

    • NEXT TRANSITION- Message

  • Message

    • Un-mute communicator’s microphone

      • Channel 21 or 22 depending on what mic is being used.

    • Be sure message is being recorded (refer to Recording Message)

      • All messages/meetings should be recorded

    • 30-40 minute message

    • NEXT TRANSITION- Ministry Time

  • Ministry Time

    • At the end of the message a musician will come to the platform to close the service in prayer.

    • Un-mute instrument before they start playing.

      • Know what channel this is.

    • BE READY.   At least 30 minutes will have gone by and it’s easy to miss this transition.

    • NEXT TRANSITION- Dismissing

  • Dismissal / Post-Service

    • During ministry time have the Post-Service mix already playing but have volume turned all the way down.

    • When pastor dismisses congregation FADE UP Post-Service mix

    • When the sanctuary clears out and ministry is finished switch playlist back to Pre-Service


Turning On System

    • Sound board must be turned on before amps.

      • Switch is located @ the back of the board on the right side looking down from top of board.  Flip switch

    • Turn on Amps

      • Located under the stage, right side back room

      • One amp for subs, one for the mains.  Turn both on. Amps should light up.


    • Make sure the master slide is turned up to 0db.  Master slide is always turned down when system is turned on.

      • Master slide is the last slide on the right of sound board.

    • Make sure sub-groups are un-muted.

      • Sub-groups are the 8 sliders left of master fader.

    • The mixer is 32 channel board BUT only displays 16 at a time.

      • Toggle between channels 1-16 and 17-32 by pushing the buttons to the far left of board labeled “Ch 1-16” and “Ch 17-32.

      • The button will light up green.

Pre-Service items

    • Change batteries in handheld mic & headset mic for communicator.

      • Place both microphones in front row by the clock.

    • Determine what mic or mics will be used for main speaker and service host.

    • Test video announcements and set levels.

    • Test any extra videos and adjust levels.

      • Note the slider for the computer may need to be set at different levels for each transition.  Make a note of these adjustments before service and adjust them before each transition.

    • Look over planning center script and note transitions or extra elements.

    • Play Pre-Service music from Spotify.  Music should feel full in the room but not overly loud.  

      • Slowly push volume up of Pre-Service music for 10 minutes before service starts.  This allows the volume from music to the band not to feel out of balance.

Recording Message

  • Insert USB thumb drive into USB Slot [insert pic]

  • Press View button [insert pic]

  • Press Record knob [insert pic]

Shutting Down System

    • Shutting down system is done in reverse to start up

    • 1st shut down both amps under the stage, right side, back room

    • 2nd turn off mixer by flipping switch on the back of board.

      • Right side looking down from top of board


  1. DCA = Digitally Controlled Amplifier [read more]