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Radiant Church is beginning 2019 with 21-days of focused prayer and fasting. We're calling these 21 days: Seek. The goal of Seek is to draw nearer to God.

Every single detail of our lives matters to Him and as we seek our Lord through prayer and fasting, we can expect to experience a powerful demonstration of God’s love for us. We are encouraging all who attend Radiant to participate in Seek some way. Prayer and fasting will begin January 2nd and ends January 22nd.

As a part of SEEK we're having additional Wednesday Gatherings that will be a time of extended worship, prayer and seeking God.
Join us at the Church as we kick off Seek on Wednesday, Jan 2nd at 6:30pm.

Below is a downloadable PDF of the book, Pray First, a personal prayer guide. We encourage you to take advantage of this tool to help guide you through these 21 days of prayer and fasting.

Click here to open and download: Pray First.pdf



Pray with an attitude of thankfulness, humility, and expectation.

Ask for forgiveness for any sins, the sins of our land, and healing for our nation.

Invite God’s presence and power into all our church gatherings, groups, and events.

Pray God would use Radiant Church as a catalyst for revival in Jackson.

Pray Radiant Church would be a symbol and a blessing to the community of Jackson.

Pray our building initiative, Making Room, would become a reality. (Isaiah 54:2-3)

Pray as the Holy Spirit leads.


Day 1: Wednesday Seek Gathering 6:30 pm

Day 2: Our Leaders- Nation, State, and City (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Day 3: Radiant Church- Our pastors, church staff, group leaders, Team Radiant, overseers, elders, and leaders. (Matt. 9:38)

Day 4: Our City- Peace, economic health, spiritual needs, and well-being. (Jer. 29:7)

Day 5: Sunday Worship Services

Day 6: Our Missions- Brother Abraham & his pastors in India, Nathan Norman & Pastor Armando in Costa Rica, Jewish Ministry, Center For Women, Marriage Matters JXN, Nathan Luers w/ Scriptures In Use, The Radiant Network, Causley, Duane Claus in Alaska, and all other ministries supported through our giving.

Day 7: Our World- Pray for the lost, revival in America & the gospel to spread worldwide.


Day 8: Wednesday Seek Gathering 6:30 pm

Day 9: Church Core Values- Living in freedom, Holy Spirit empowerment, community, generosity, and loving others.

Day 10: Community Groups- Increase of leaders, life change, and for building relationships that help us grow spiritually.

Day 11: Church Ministries- All team leaders, vision & passion for our children’s ministry, worship team, 1st impressions, student ministries, & all unseen areas of service.

Day 12: Sunday Worship Services

Day 13: Freedom- Holy Spirit transformation in our lives, & finding identity in Christ.

Day 14: Churches in Jackson- Unity among churches, revival in all churches, His Kingdom advancing.


Day 15: Wednesday Seek Gathering 6:30 pm

Day 16: Families and marriages.

Day 17: Church’s vision for 2019- The completion of our building project, the launch of Empowerment Track, development of men’s event The Return, finances, & spiritual growth.

Day 18: Your vision for 2019- Freedom from habits, debt, relationships, ministry, reaching my full potential, breakthrough in every area!

Day 19: Sunday Worship Services

Day 20: Any specific needs- Finances, health, family members to be saved and other personal needs, personal freedom and deliverance.

Day 21: Tuesday: Night of Worship & Prayer 6:30 pm