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You Asked For It - Week 1


You Asked For It - Week 1

Mike Popenhagen



  1. Faith and healing: Does healing have anything to do with a certain degree of faith? Some receive healing without ever asking and others never receive it while praying earnestly. 
  2. What do I say to a friend who believes that all religions get you to Heaven?
  3. What does the bible teach about Hell? There seems to be so many "Christian" teachers out there teaching that there is not a Hell. Where's the proof and what exactly is Hell?
  4. How is eternity in Hell justice for a lifetime's worth of sin when our lives are like a speck of dust in the spectrum of eternity?
  5. I am relatively new to Radiant. How far apart can one be from the teachings of this church and still be able to serve here?
  6. Could you explain what the difference between surrendering, crucifying the flesh and dying to self is?